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Yahuah Bracelet (White Stone)

Yahuah Bracelet (White Stone)

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“I am Yahuah, that is my Name.” -Isaiah 42:8. Part of my ministry involves restoring what has been hidden/lost for centuries. Our Father in Heaven has a name, and His Name is precious and set-apart, reserved for His people to know, praise, glorify, sing, call on, and magnify. ‘God’’ and ‘Lord’ are not names—they are titles. His Name has been revealed to us approximately 7,000 times in the Bible. He wants His children to know His Name! I hope this bracelet encourages you to proclaim His Name far and wide. This bracelet can most definitely serve as a conversation starter to bring us back into proper worship of our heavenly Father.

(Because of the variety of colors due to the nature of the bulk alphabet beads, colors of beads may vary).

Made with white jade stone beads. This would go great with many of our stacker bracelets!

Some people pronounce the Father's Name, "Yahweh" (the spelling reflects the pronunciation), and I wanted to make this is an option for those it applies to. Please make sure you select the right style when you order! 

Bead width: 8mm

Bracelet length (youth): 5.5-6" 

Bracelet length (women): 7.5-8” (will fit most with a small to medium sized wrist)

Bracelet length (men): 8.5-9” (will fit most with a medium to large sized wrist)

Product Care: To ensure extended use of this bracelet, it is recommended to keep it out of water and when you shower. Wash your hands before you put on or take off your jewelry. Oils on your fingers can tarnish these delicate items. When you aren’t wearing your jewelry, store them separately in your jewelry pouches.

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