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Tassel Bracelet

Tassel Bracelet

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Pair this colorful tassel bracelet with any outfit! This bracelet is handmade with multicolored beads and four tassels to bring to remembrance the importance of tzit tzits (Numbers 15:37-41). Color options are rainbow and neutral. 

Bracelet length (youth): 5.5-6" 

Bracelet length (women): 7.5-8” (will fit most with a small to medium sized wrist)

Bracelet length (men): 8.5-9” (will fit most with a medium to large sized wrist)

Product Care: To ensure extended use of this bracelet, it is recommended to keep it out of water and when you shower. Wash your hands before you put on or take off your jewelry. Oils on your fingers can tarnish these delicate items. When you aren’t wearing your jewelry, store them separately in your jewelry pouches.

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