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The Promise Perspective

Redemption Revealed in the Feasts Infographic

Redemption Revealed in the Feasts Infographic

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To understand the biblical feasts is to understand prophecy. 

There is nothing that harmonizes the Scriptures and reveals the plan of redemption of mankind more than the biblical feasts. These feasts paint the entire love story of Scripture, and I felt led to create this short breakdown for your convenience and to be something that you can study and test, in hopes that you will find the treasure of the revelation in understanding this very important piece of HIStory.

Enjoy this PDF download of the breakdown of how each biblical feast prophetically points to its fulfillment in the First or Second Coming of our Messiah. 

For more information on this infographic, please download the "Going Down the Easter Rabbit Hole" e-book underneath PDF E-Book Downloads on my website, or contact me at 

All of my study guides and e-books are free to download. 

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