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The Promise Perspective

Priesthood Revealed in the Tabernacle Infographic

Priesthood Revealed in the Tabernacle Infographic

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To understand the blueprint of the Tabernacle built by the children of Israel is to understand the new priesthood that Yahusha our Messiah came to bring. The way Yahuah's plan of redemption is revealed through the Tabernacle and testimony of our Messiah, teaches us more about what it means to step into the calling of His "royal priesthood" as well as what His covenant truly means to those who love Him the way He loves us. 

I hope you enjoy this free PDF download as an edifying addition to your studies. I encourage you to download the "Tour of the Tabernacle Study" E-Book to study this in more depth. It can be found under the Bible Study Resources tab, under "PDF E-Book Downloads." 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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