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The Promise Perspective

Going Down the Easter Rabbit Hole E-Book (#4)

Going Down the Easter Rabbit Hole E-Book (#4)

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The e-books that will be provided on my website will always be free to download. I encourage you to share them with others. I will intentionally be numbering them, because each one is intended to build upon one another. This is something the Father has put on my heart to do in order to share His truth and make His name known. The purpose of these is to give you the context, history, tools, and sources needed to do your own research on many biblical truths that I will discuss on my podcast and on social media. 

We must examine the foundations of our faith and learn how to worship Yahuah in spirit AND in truth. Because He requires both. I pray that this e-book blesses you in your study of the truth! 

Be sure to follow me on my social media platforms (listed in the header and footer) and feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

Use the contact form on my site or email me directly at 

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