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Yahuah Wood Painting

Yahuah Wood Painting

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This hand painted "Yahuah" decor is a perfect reminder to praise His set-apart Name!

"Praise him, because his name is holy. Let the hearts of those who trust in Yahuah be glad."
Psalm 105:3

"I am Yahuah. That is my name!"
Isaiah 42:8

Some people pronounce the Father's Name, "Yahweh" (the spelling reflects the pronunciation), and I wanted to make this is an option for those it applies to. Please make sure you select the right style when you order! 

This wooden sign can stand independently and also has an attached twine cord connected to the top, making it easy to hang anywhere you would like in your home. 

Dimensions are 8" x 10".

Please note that because the faux eucalyptus are hand-glued to the wood, please allow for slight variation in the shape and placement.

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