Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

What defines our identity? 

From a cultural standpoint, an identity often times seems like a statistic, with labels including race, gender, sexual orientation, political party, or religion. Other times, an identity can also feel like a resume, or a set of accomplishments-our career, marital status, appearance, homeowner status, academic achievements…the list goes on. 

Do you know what all of these things have in common?

We are able to fit each one of these into a box with their own special label. 

These things that “define” us are often the things that divide us.

The problem with that is, when we define ourselves and one another by these labels that are formed by cultural standards and popular opinion, then we will always look to culture, or a type of ideology, to form an opinion or belief. In other words, none of these things were ever meant to serve the purpose of defining who we are.

The other problem is that we don’t need too much help from the culture we live in—we tend to do a pretty good job of consuming our minds with doubt, shame, guilt, fear, and anxiety. These feelings can become debilitating, and can have a damaging impact on how we view ourselves as well as perceive the world around us. 

There are two very important truths you need to know: God loves you, and He is the only One allowed to define who you are. 

The reason it’s so important to understand your true identity is because you are not capable of loving yourself or loving others the way God wants you to, until you understand what God says about who you are and how much He loves you. In trying to find our purpose in life, people are skipping a very important step that many of us forget to work on:

We fail to take the time to learn our true identity. 

It begins with acceptance. In order to understand just how much God loves you, it requires you to accept what Jesus did on the cross in order to display His love for you/us. Once you fully accept this truth, and believe it in your heart, is when you can better-comprehend the dynamic and depth of His love and ultimately, its true definition. 

His identity is love. The character and actions of Jesus is love in its most pure form.

He wants you to know how much He loves you because He wants you to love Him, love yourself, love others and share the character of His Spirit with the rest of the world.

The reason we feel so unsatisfied, discouraged, and purposeless at times is because we are looking for short-lived gratification by fitting ourselves in boxes that meet cultural standards. The good news is that there is no box big enough to contain the Kingdom of heaven. Our identity lies in the fact that we are created by God, saved by grace, loved and forgiven.

Jesus knew what He was doing when He laid down His life for us. He did it so that He could have a relationship with us, and to help you understand that you never have to go one day without thinking you aren’t loved, forgiven, and cared for by the One who is always taking care of us. 

Society will tell us that it’s not that easy, but don’t be fooled. Let this message be your reminder that acceptance of that one truth will unlock the key to discovering your true identity and unlocking your full potential, in Jesus's mighty Name.


Love and Light,


Stephanie Jo 

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